~Fine Art Photography~

That’s the quick and dirty about me and where I come from in photography. Actually, that’s more like a thumbnail sketch of me. But, that will suffice for now. Going forward I’ll tackle tough and not so tough issues that photographers (at any skill level) encounter. And, most of all, I’ll have fun along the journey. Photography is like any aspect of life – you’ve got to pull off the highway and take a look around occasionally.

One final note about me. I really am not a technology kind of person. I completely understand ISO, aperture, shutter speed and how all of that interrelates. I understand light probably better than most (there’s always someone out there better than me) but I am really concerned about the “feeling” of the image. Correct exposure is certainly a big part of that equation, so don’t think I’m letting myself off the hook when it comes to a correctly exposed image. But all the technical skills cannot replace an eye for the craft.

I am looking forward to the next installment.

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